20 Ways to Make Money While Traveling the World

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I have been a digital nomad for over 3 years now.

It has been pretty epic since I first began. Living in a different city or country every couple of months.

Meeting new people, doing new things and learning some amazing stuff on the way.

I still remember the challenge when I started was whether I could run my business and go see new places every few weeks.

And I have been lucky to not only manage but actually grow my business while traveling.

On my nomadic journey so far… I’ve made many new friends and learnt that there are 3 types of nomads…

#1 – People who save money for 5 or 10 years and then travel for an entire year, visiting upto 20 countries. (I met a few people doing this)

#2 – People like me who run an online business or freelance online and can pretty much work from anywhere. As long as there is consistent work to pay the bills – they travel. Especially in countries where a dollar can be stretched a lot.

#3 – People who got out of college/left their job and decided to figure it out after saving a little for their initial trip and they visit different places, take up a job there, work with the local people, teach or do a lot of crazy jobs in different places to pay for their travel.

All this has taught me one thing… there is no reason for any one to NOT travel. If you can escape, make a plan and leave today. There are plenty of ways to make money while you travel.

Here’s a list I made some friends in Chiang Mai one night that shows you 20 ways to make money while traveling the world…

#1 – Blogging

#2 – Graphic Design

#3 – Programming/Coding

#4 – Dropshipping/Shopify Stores

#5 – Amazon FBA based Business

#6 – Affiliate Marketing

#7 – Email Marketing

#8 – Facebook Ads Management

#9 – Social Media Management

#10 – Writing Articles

#11 – Tech or Marketing Consulting

#12 – Build Sales Funnels

#13 – Teaching

#14 – Photography

#15 – Search Engine Optimization

#16 – Youtube Videos

#17 – Online Tutoring

#18 – Create Online Courses

#19 – Create & Sell Ebooks

#20 – Create & Sell Software Products

If you can do any of these things or LEARN to do any of these things in the next 6 to 12 months… there is no reason for you to not explore this beautiful world we live in and create new experiences for yourself.

Hope to run into you someday, somewhere in the world 🙂



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