5 Ways to Boost Your Conversions by 200% without Changing Your Marketing Copy

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If you can convert traffic into sales… all you need is more traffic.

But – copywriters will tell you that the only way to make your pages convert higher is to write better copy.

Not true.

Now here are a few things you can do without changing copy to boost
your conversions…

First, gather the present traffic and conversion data for a baseline.

1. Make sure your page is fully mobile optimized, check all the elements, their visiblity and whether any functionality ceases to work on mobile. Sometimes optin button submits dont work well on mobile and costs you leads for no good reason.

We did this on an optin page and a sales page too, we got a 24% increase and a 17% increase in conversion respectively.

2. Call to Action & Optin Form positioning. You need to make sure your main CTA or main optin form is fully visible above the fold. This is very important as most people would read your headline, message and just walk away if they do not see a call to action asking them to download or signup.

Changing this on one of our pages increased the conversions by another 35%

3. Overall look and feel of the page. If you are using generic fonts and boring colors, this can make a big difference in your conversions. The key is to know your audience and modernize the page to the latest styles and trending design ideas. Making this change gave an additional 26% increase in conversions.

4. Add an exit intent lead capture or CTA to your page. Yes most pages or websites will have a huge 50 to 60% bounce rate. Which means more than half the people coming to the page leave without doing anything. Adding a secondary optin with call to action will ensure you get a big chunk of the people leaving your site. Adding this increased our conversion by another 43%

5. Test & Change Your Background Image – No one thinks about this but we tested plain colors vs a few different images for the background of the page and having a relevant positive background image actually gave us the biggest jump in conversions… 48% increase in signups by simply changing from a plain black background to an image that resonates with the audience.

So here are the 5 things you can do to increase your conversion by almost 200% without changing the marketing message or sales copy of the page.

You don’t have to be a copywriter to get higher conversions 🙂

But good copy is equally important. So now, after doing all these… if you change & improve the marketing copy you will see a huge jump from doing that.

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