About Me

ankur (1)Hey it’s Ankur here.

I love to find problems, find creative ways to solve them and make it easy enough that people will pay to use those solutions to make their life easier.

I am fascinated by computers, the internet, new technologies and ways to earn passive income.

I love reading books and find watching TV a complete waste of time 🙂

Now instead of writing a few pages about myself, I’ll keep it short and put everything into a timeline that shows you how I started & where I am today….

  • 1994 – fell in love with computers, started tinkering while at school
  • 1998 – loved games, started programming games and selling them at school
  • 2002 – graduated high school and the creative side of me pulled me into the advertising business
  • 2002-2004 – created over 40 TV advertisements for various local clients / National TV while going to college during the day, studying engineering/IT.
  • 2005 – created KoolKampus.com, an engineering students job portal + education site that grew to over 50,000 registered users in its first year.
  • 2006 – graduated college and decided to run full time with koolkampus.com instead of going for a job at a prestigious multi-national company with a great salary. Kudos Infomedia was born and founded with a team of 2 people in a rented house.
  • 2006 to 2008 – My first company, Kudos Infomedia was born.  I primarily ran koolkampus that got to 40,000 unique visitors per day, created a lot of adsense sites and more education related sites. Had over 100 niche sites running at this point.
  • 2008 Q3 – Decided to expand and then merged with a friend’s business in Mumbai, relocated everything to Mumbai & moved there.
  • 2009 – Kudos infomedia was acquired and I was appointed the President of the NewCo setup in India with 20 employees.
  • 2009 to 2011 – Grew the NewCo to 80 employees and scaled up operations massively.
  • 2012 – Got married, decided to leave the NewCo and moved to Bangalore.
  • 2013 – Started with software services & projects.
  • 2014 – Started doing software product launches & got really lucky with my biggest software launch with $500k+ in sales.
  • 2015 – Became a top vendor on Jvzoo by doing 19 launches in a year. #launchmachine
  • 2016 – Top Vendor again AND also Top Affiliate on Jvzoo with 12 launches & over $2M in sales.
  • 2017 – Did another 12 launches and closed the year with over $2.5M in sales for my software products, awarded Top Vendor twice this year. Started building a recurring income and grew that to $25k/mo

That’s my story 🙂

Hope you find it interesting/motivating.

It was not always a growth path, there were several pitfalls and mistakes, ill fate and many other twists and turns… I might write a book about that stuff someday 🙂