Alternate Ways to Access Gmail

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Gmail has become an essential part of my life over the past 6-7 years and that’s why I go into a sudden panic mode when I am not able to access gmail sometimes due to bad internet connectivity, slow public wifis in restaurants, terribly slow 3g internet while traveling around the country or just because gmail has way too many features to load.

Well, last week, I hit the panic button when after trying for over 20mins, I simply couldnt access my web email. I know, configuring an email client is a way better solution, but I love the simple clean UI from Gmail and thats why I always love using it.

So I decided to end this once and for all.. googled around a bit and found solutions to almost every problem I could run into with Gmail. I’m happy to share it with you just in case you are facing similar issues..

How to access Gmail in SAFE MODE : 
In this mode, all the extra features from Gmail labs are disabled and you get simple clean gmail UI only to access your email. Just use this URL here :

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