How To Make $3K/mo Passively from Online Courses

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I believe strongly in creating digital assets, if you've seen any of my webinars or trainings, I talk about this all the time. That is because digital assets keep paying you over and over again (and you can SELL them one day for a big payday) Now Greg and Sorin have been doing the exact same thing but with info products and online courses. Sorin has over 35,000 students (that he got for free - yes FREE) on just ONE single site. Best of all, Sorin doesn’t even have to do any … [Read more...]

Stop Stealing Money from your Own Wallet


  Yes you need to stop doing that now, right now. Because it is hurting you. Are you thinking.... but wait Ankur, I am not doing that. It is my money alright? How can I be stealing it from my own wallet? Well - Let me explain... When was the last time you seriously took action on something and followed through and executed it? I get 100s of emails every week, people asking for advice on their internet marketing business... I reply to most of them with genuine … [Read more...]

My 2017 Goal to Help 100 Entrepreneurs & Donate $20,000 While Doing That


I woke up today with an amazing thought and decided to pen down this blog post.... You don't have to wait till New Years to make a resolution so here is one that goes into effect starting today. I used to stammer as a kid - really bad. I got stuck on common words and was embarrassed at school or in front of friends. I could never participate in debates, public speaking or any other such competitions at school. When the teacher used to ask me to stand up a read a paragraph from the … [Read more...]

Embracing the Nomad Lifestyle


The next 2 years are going to be interesting. Living life like a digital nomad began early 2015 with my first trip to London. Now, on my second trip here, I'm learning to manage my entire business from just a laptop, without my big mac screen, my comfy huge desk and idea-boards all around me. All I have now is just a laptop, phone and a notepad (with a pen). Over the next couple years, I'll be traveling to quite a few places around the world, experience different cultures, live their … [Read more...]

Alternate Ways to Access Gmail

gmail not working? try these methods

Gmail has become an essential part of my life over the past 6-7 years and that's why I go into a sudden panic mode when I am not able to access gmail sometimes due to bad internet connectivity, slow public wifis in restaurants, terribly slow 3g internet while traveling around the country or just because gmail has way too many features to load. Well, last week, I hit the panic button when after trying for over 20mins, I simply couldnt access my web email. I know, configuring an email client is … [Read more...]