Embracing the Nomad Lifestyle


The next 2 years are going to be interesting. Living life like a digital nomad began early 2015 with my first trip to London. Now, on my second trip here, I'm learning to manage my entire business from just a laptop, without my big mac screen, my comfy huge desk and idea-boards all around me. All I have now is just a laptop, phone and a notepad (with a pen). Over the next couple years, I'll be traveling to quite a few places around the world, experience different cultures, live their … [Read more...]

Alternate Ways to Access Gmail

gmail not working? try these methods

Gmail has become an essential part of my life over the past 6-7 years and that's why I go into a sudden panic mode when I am not able to access gmail sometimes due to bad internet connectivity, slow public wifis in restaurants, terribly slow 3g internet while traveling around the country or just because gmail has way too many features to load. Well, last week, I hit the panic button when after trying for over 20mins, I simply couldnt access my web email. I know, configuring an email client is … [Read more...]

Build a Smarter Shopping Cart – Get More Sales


Having spent time talking to people who run e-commerce sites and giving them advice about how to increase sales and conversions, I've noticed that many of these people get their stores custom made by hiring a development company or even sometimes hiring a small team of developers to get it done 'in-house'. The problem is - even after spending so much time and money, spending way too much time on design/graphics etc, they do not really optimize the sales process or the user's experience when … [Read more...]

Is Adsense Dead? Making Money Online Using Adsense

adsense heatmap

I am a member of many internet marketing forums and read a ton of blog posts every week (yeah, a lot of time gets wasted sometimes) but the weird thing is, most of these people are looking for get rich quick methods that simply do not exist. Yes, a few hundred if not thousand information products about make money fast and make money quickly online are released only to cater to thousands others who buy them and feel duped. These are the same people who discuss in forums about how Adsense is … [Read more...]

6 Tips to Conduct Better Meetings


I've been meeting a lot of people lately, discussing ideas, helping improve their business, online marketing advice and a lot of other things. Usually I meet them over weekends, meet them casually, have coffee and talk business. As I do these more and more, I'm learning a lot of things about conducting meetings and what I've been doing wrong the past couple of years. Here are some tips that will help you deliver meetings that the participants find value in and are interested in … [Read more...]