Stop Stealing Money from your Own Wallet


  Yes you need to stop doing that now, right now. Because it is hurting you. Are you thinking.... but wait Ankur, I am not doing that. It is my money alright? How can I be stealing it from my own wallet? Well - Let me explain... When was the last time you seriously took action on something and followed through and executed it? I get 100s of emails every week, people asking for advice on their internet marketing business... I reply to most of them with genuine … [Read more...]

6 Tips to Conduct Better Meetings


I've been meeting a lot of people lately, discussing ideas, helping improve their business, online marketing advice and a lot of other things. Usually I meet them over weekends, meet them casually, have coffee and talk business. As I do these more and more, I'm learning a lot of things about conducting meetings and what I've been doing wrong the past couple of years. Here are some tips that will help you deliver meetings that the participants find value in and are interested in … [Read more...]