New Year, New Habits, New Goals


First of all, a very Happy New Year 2020 to you. Last night was epic as we sat in a park, few hundred meters from the Burj Khalifa and saw the amazing fireworks. A full 8 minutes of lights, sound and lasers. A very well coordinated affair that takes them a lot of hard work to set up I assume. We travel-hacked our way to a sweet deal on Airbnb that got us a place in the downtown area at an amazing price, probably 10x less than what other places were going for. And until the time we … [Read more...]

20 Ways to Make Money While Traveling the World


I have been a digital nomad for over 3 years now. It has been pretty epic since I first began. Living in a different city or country every couple of months. Meeting new people, doing new things and learning some amazing stuff on the way. I still remember the challenge when I started was whether I could run my business and go see new places every few weeks. And I have been lucky to not only manage but actually grow my business while traveling. On my nomadic journey so far... I've … [Read more...]

How To Make $3K/mo Passively from Online Courses

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I believe strongly in creating digital assets, if you've seen any of my webinars or trainings, I talk about this all the time. That is because digital assets keep paying you over and over again (and you can SELL them one day for a big payday) Now Greg and Sorin have been doing the exact same thing but with info products and online courses. Sorin has over 35,000 students (that he got for free - yes FREE) on just ONE single site. Best of all, Sorin doesn’t even have to do any … [Read more...]

My 2017 Goal to Help 100 Entrepreneurs & Donate $20,000 While Doing That


I woke up today with an amazing thought and decided to pen down this blog post.... You don't have to wait till New Years to make a resolution so here is one that goes into effect starting today. I used to stammer as a kid - really bad. I got stuck on common words and was embarrassed at school or in front of friends. I could never participate in debates, public speaking or any other such competitions at school. When the teacher used to ask me to stand up a read a paragraph from the … [Read more...]

Embracing the Nomad Lifestyle


The next 2 years are going to be interesting. Living life like a digital nomad began early 2015 with my first trip to London. Now, on my second trip here, I'm learning to manage my entire business from just a laptop, without my big mac screen, my comfy huge desk and idea-boards all around me. All I have now is just a laptop, phone and a notepad (with a pen). Over the next couple years, I'll be traveling to quite a few places around the world, experience different cultures, live their … [Read more...]