Embracing the Nomad Lifestyle

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The next 2 years are going to be interesting.

Living life like a digital nomad began early 2015 with my first trip to London.

Now, on my second trip here, I’m learning to manage my entire business from just a laptop, without my big mac screen, my comfy huge desk and idea-boards all around me.

All I have now is just a laptop, phone and a notepad (with a pen).

Over the next couple years, I’ll be traveling to quite a few places around the world, experience different cultures, live their life and manage my business from wherever I am.

Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, Paris, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York… among many other cities.

In fact, I have plans to grow the business to double in revenue while I travel.

Lets hope I can hit that goal.

Here are some great resources if you wish to embrace the nomad lifestyle yourself…





I’ll update this list as I find more resources.

Feel free to post your best nomad resources in the comments below.


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