Is Adsense Dead? Making Money Online Using Adsense

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I am a member of many internet marketing forums and read a ton of blog posts every week (yeah, a lot of time gets wasted sometimes) but the weird thing is, most of these people are looking for get rich quick methods that simply do not exist. Yes, a few hundred if not thousand information products about make money fast and make money quickly online are released only to cater to thousands others who buy them and feel duped.

These are the same people who discuss in forums about how Adsense is NOT the way to make money online.

adsense heatmapWe’ll you’re right, Adsense is not a get rich quick scheme and you cannot be a millionaire overnight. But it is the BEST WAY to get started. Its the best way to make money online if you are a newbie and do not have any money to spend. With time on your hands, you can build a website for free, have it running by the end of the day and have advertisers the next day using Adsense.

I started building websites back in 2005. At that time I was still in college and wanted  a way to make money to buy faster graphics cards, computer games, latest gadgets etc. I started providing computer repair services and helping friends develop projects but all that was too time consuming and not very scalable.

It is during that time that I decided to build a website catering to engineering students that’ll help them hunt for jobs, get ideas for projects, learn basic programming, download samples of resumes and project report templates. The website was built but again, I had to make a ton of phone calls to get a handful of advertisers onboard.

That’s when I learnt about Adsense. Life became so much easier. Since then, I had to only focus on 2 things.. quality content and increasing traffic to my website. The money part was already taken care of.

As a student, I was making $20 to $50 per day. That, at my age was a lot of money for a college boy. After college, I further developed my website, made a few more websites and I hit $100 per day very easily.

Flash-forward to TODAY!

There are a lot of websites that use Adsense and a lot more advertisers. People say adsense is too much work, well, making money online requires hardwork, be it using affiliate marketing or using adsense.

All you need to find is the right niche to build your website and you’ll have enough ads to splash that’ll make you some pretty good money every month.

Adsense is NOT DEAD. Infact its the EASIEST way to get started. You just need to build a website on the right topic and get some rankings on Google – you’ll be on your way to ‘passive income heaven’.

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