My 2017 Goal to Help 100 Entrepreneurs & Donate $20,000 While Doing That

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I woke up today with an amazing thought and decided to pen down this blog post….

You don’t have to wait till New Years to make a resolution so here is one that goes into effect starting today.

I used to stammer as a kid – really bad.

I got stuck on common words and was embarrassed at school or in front of friends.

I could never participate in debates, public speaking or any other such competitions at school.

When the teacher used to ask me to stand up a read a paragraph from the text book, it used to be the worst 30mins of my day because I would get stuck and stammer every few words.

That continued through middle school, high school and even in college.

That had created a huge barrier in my mind. Put a lot of limiting beliefs and made me think I could never do things that normal people do and that had lowered my confidence a lot.

But over the last few years, I’ve worked hard on all of this.

I’ve learnt to manage my stuttering & overcome these barriers.

I challenged myself every week, got on videos and made presentations & sales pitches, did 20+ live webinars, did coaching calls and forced myself to break through the mental barriers of doing all that.

I’ve spoken at public events and held workshops, training sessions.

The stuttering is still there…but there is more confidence that helps me overcome it and just keep going.

Learning, practicing and overcoming your barriers to grow yourself and your mind is EXTREMELY important.

This is something they DO NOT teach you at school.

You’ll never learn how important it is to keep evolving yourself and doing new things, breaking mental barriers, taking away limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles in life.

They do not teach you about NOT GIVING UP.

So starting today.. here’s one thing I am determined to do for the next 52 weeks…

Every Friday, I’ll be doing 2 speed-coaching calls for 20mins each.

Each call will be $99 and trust me, it is worth a lot more than that.

I’ll hop on a call with anyone who needs help with their online business… needs more sales, higher conversions for their business or wants any kind of help in solving their business problems.

I want to help you learn, grow, overcome your problems and NOT GIVE UP.

I can do this because since I started in 2013 – in just 4 short years I have created over 40 Products and sold over 120,000 UNITS online, from these….25+ launches have generated over $100k+ in sales each time & built a multi-million dollar business while traveling the world over the last 2 years.

It has been an epic journey and I’ve gained a lot while at it & also HELPED MANY PEOPLE (see these testimonials)

But all that was not a smooth sailing… I’ve had my paypal shutdown multiple times, gone into terrible business situations and came out winning and have overcome huge obstacles that fly your way every week when you’re in business for yourself.

My time is worth a lot more but if I can give you just ONE advice that could help you grow your business or help you come out of a problem, it is going to be an epic feeling.

But there is some selfish reasons here apart from helping you.

I want to take this $99 x 2 calls each week…. for 52 weeks, adds up to $10,296 in one year and then donate that towards education for kids that cannot afford it.

Not just that, once I achieve this goal, I’ll match that amount from my own personal savings and double the amount that will be donated towards the cause.

Also, apart from the charity work, this will help me become more confident, grow personally and learn from everyone I speak to… sometimes its very important to TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE and that is something we rarely do.

But I have found that sometimes while hearing another person’s problem I see myself having a similar problem in some part of my business and even though I know the solution, I know what needs to be done.. I never do it because as human beings, we rarely take our own advice.

So there is my selfish reason

I’ve never made a huge post like this before but I woke up today with this amazing thought and wanted to take action without procrastinating.

It’s also DIWALI here in india, the festival of lights and celebrating the victory of good over evil.

So if you want a solution to a problem in your business or simply want help in growing it, I am here to help.

Next Step :

If you are from India – Click Here to book your call with me using InstaMojo

If you are from anywhere else in the world – Click here to Book your Friday Call with me using Paypal

After you pay, you will be getting my contact info to setup the call.

Check out what my partners, affiliates and customers say about me.

If you’re not someone who needs help, share this with a friend who does. They will thank you for it.

It does not matter how big your business is or whether you are just starting out… (or even planning to start something new)

I’m happy to help in any way I can to help you grow.

Happy Diwali!


  1. says

    Hey would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re utilizing?
    I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different internet browsers and I mujst sayy thiis blog loads a
    lot quicker then most. Can you suggest a good hosting provider at a fair price?
    Kudos, I appreciate it!

  2. lavesh shinde says

    hello sir i saw your post “Help 100 Entrepreneurs” i am also here who need your help i have 1 question that in India PayPal is not accepted in jvzoo so how you manage this problem i need your call program but not reach yet to 99$ but if you tell me this question answer i will definitely pay you and join your team thanks

  3. says

    Oh, I didn’t see this comment box before I sent an email to your gmail. I have extreme plan to get ahead of the “Black Friday” frenzy that usually begin in the minds of people when the month of November begins.

    My site, is in its initial stage. I have more plug-ins to add and create at least 5 sub-domains. It does have the ability to place actual store within Facebook as well as several other social media. My desire is to create strategic method that will build break neck speeds of traffic month from August thru December 31st.

    I also have a very personal close to my heart project. I actually need to kick it off for a 3 month campaign starting at least July and ending October. It is a 3-fold project:

    *Sell more product than any one or any organization has in the state of Texas,
    *Accomplished sales will allow me to be placed into Guinness Book of Records, and;
    *Give back 5% (after expenses) to 5 chosen organizations who helped me along my ardulous journey 2009-2015.

    Guess I better roll up my sleeves, I really need your assistance. Thanks Mr. Shukla!

  4. Ankur Shukla says

    Find someone who lives in USA or another country with a Paypal that works with Jvzoo, you might give them 5% of your profits as a fee for helping them and this is how many people from India are able to do it. Just make sure it is someone you can trust. If you have a friend who works in USA, talk to him. Cheers

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