New Year, New Habits, New Goals

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First of all, a very Happy New Year 2020 to you.

Last night was epic as we sat in a park, few hundred meters from the Burj Khalifa and saw the amazing fireworks. A full 8 minutes of lights, sound and lasers.

A very well coordinated affair that takes them a lot of hard work to set up I assume.

We travel-hacked our way to a sweet deal on Airbnb that got us a place in the downtown area at an amazing price, probably 10x less than what other places were going for.

And until the time we checked in, I was praying the host does not cancel on us.

Well, I’m glad she had outsourced the property management to a third party company and it worked out really well.

Now, I know this post here comes after many months, maybe a couple years.

I have been thinking of re-starting this blog and writing more often for a long time now.

With the new year kicking in, it gives me a chance to kick off this blog again and start executing.

So today this is my official declaration of writing consistently here for the next 52 weeks.

Whether it be small blog posts, longer articles or essays.

Whether they are personal, learnings from my work, experiences or just rants.

There has to be an article posted every week, consistently.

Because I’ve seen this in my business and I can see that almost everywhere – if I am consistent with something and just keep at it, today or tomorrow or in a few weeks or months from now, I can see success.

I used to love writing, blogging and sharing my ideas with the world.

But in the last 10 years, I have barely written 10 blog posts.

That’s because all the new projects, products and a lot of work associated with it, always got in the way.

So I’m now including writing a blog post in my daily schedule.

Whether I am having my morning coffee or chilling out in the evening, penning down ideas with a Shisha.

I’ll be making sure I write a blog post every week.

That is a promise.

And now it’s public.

Let the 2020 challenge begin.



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